press release

Yvon Lambert is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and video by the New York based, London born artist Joey Kötting.

In Atrocity Exhibition Joey Kötting's work is concerned with the past, his own and a shared one, and the way it pertains to the present. An obsessive observer, he is a chronicler of found images ranging from our culture's relics to the everyday Ready-mades of our surroundings. From the familiar faces of Sid Vicious and Catherine Deneuve, to the abandoned playground of our childhood, to stairs and windows that you are sure you once climbed up and looked out of, he has gathered up these snapshots for us and put them on permanent display.

Working in an experimental method that explores the relationship between painting, photography and film, Joey Kötting rediscovers these images and presents them anew, making them suggestions of what they once were. His work develops in a multi-step process in which chance and arbitrariness are an essential part. The result is often one of ambiguity; the paintings seem to be in the process of becoming visible and simultaneously fading away. His film "A Painting" is made up of found footage. Using images from someone else's past, he has recontextualized them to fit his own script. There is a sense of loss and sadness here, trying to hold on to something, a moment a place, yet at the same time being aware of its intangibility. Pressetext

Joey Kötting
Atrocity Exhibition