Museo Tamayo, Mexico City °

Paseo de la Reforma No. 51, Col. Bosque de Chapultepec
11580 Mexico City

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The exhibition The marquise went out at five… is part of a series of exhibitions "Activating the Collection." Begun last spring, the purpose of this series is to approach and presents the museum's collection in new and dynamic ways. For this exhibition, curator Daniela Pérez and artist Jorge Méndez Blake chose to work with a less known part of Museo Tamayo's collection – it's library, particularly the publications donated by the institution's founder, artist Rufino Tamayo. Recently, Méndez Blake has explored through his artworks the history, uses and architecture of libraries; for this exhibition, he has created an installation of what seems to be a library that, for all its irregular characteristics, suggests the impossibility of existing and offering the services of a library as such. The exhibition combines his work with books, objects, extrinsic materials, and more than twenty works from the museum's collection, including In Patio V (1948) by Georgia O'Keeffe, Broken Glass (1974) by Jean Mauboulés, and Herb (1972) by Hiroshi Okada.

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Jorge Mendez Blake
The marquise went out at five…
Kurator: Daniela Perez