press release

LAXART is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in LA of New York based artist Kalup Linzy, curated by LAXART Adjunct Curator, Malik Gaines. The conventions of television soap operas become a hilarious and insightful psycho-sexual playground for New York-based artist Kalup Linzy, as he turns this most mundane form inside out with his series of clever videos, “Conversations wit De Churen.” In one of the first episodes, “All My Churen,” we meet a cast of emotionally on-the-edge characters that inverts the typical family structure of daytime melodrama, offering a view of class, race, sexuality, and hyperbolic personal conflicts that the major networks’ corporate advertisers would shun. In Linzy’s version of “the stories,” wealth is replaced with realness, deliberate dialogue is replaced with a heightened black vernacular, and formulaic control is replaced with moments of delirious mess.


Kalup Linzy
Kurator: Malik Gaines