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The sculptural work of Katinka Bock (Frankfurt am Main, 1976) is marked by her preference for simple materials and a strict economy of gestures and procedures in their manipulation. In her pieces, she repeatedly uses ceramics and basic building materials, such as wood and steel, but also fabric, bronze, stone, lead, glass and sand, among others. In some of them, she works with just one material, while others highlight her extraordinary capacity to bring about an encounter, or an interaction, between two or more materials. The procedures and gestures that she brings into play in their transformation are always very discreet, sometimes even minimal.

Simple and frequently austere in their materials and forms, and endowed with an intense energy and a subtly evocative force, Katinka Bock’s sculptures realise and condense the thought process that lay at their origin. The resonances and meanings produced or favoured by her works depend, above all, on their physical and formal properties, but also on the relationship established between the works in a particular exhibition space. Whatever the case, her works are highly introspective, inducing the viewer into a state of inner retreat.

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Katinka Bock - Personne
Kurator: Miguel Wandschneider