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Rosenbaum Contemporary is pleased to present the premier Florida solo-exhibition of the senior German master painter Kuno Gonschior. Celebrated world-renowned artist, Kuno Gonschior organizes dabs of paint directly on unprimed surfaces that meld together to create monumental landscape "fields" of color. The combination of these raw elements of color and surface used in his paintings creates both the powerful physical forms of landscape horizons as well as the ethereal hues of shimmering atmospheres. Kuno Gonschior has exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world and his works are included in such renowned museums as the National Gallery, Berlin; Museum of Art, Dusseldorf; Museum of Art, Bochum; State Museum Bonn; State Gallery of Art, Stuttgart; New Berliner Arts Society; Museum of Art Gelsenkirchen and the Ministry of Culture, Westfalen, among many, many others.

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Kuno Gonschior