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Opening Reception - Friday July 13Th 6-8 Pm

Musing On Hegemony And Vain Dreams Of Empire, We Ponder How America Has Proceeded, Since Revolting Against Callous Detached Authority, Blindly Marching Awry To The Present, Astonishingly Transforming Itself Into The Very Object Of Vehement Disdain That Was The Focus Of Its Own Its Original Conception.

Works Included Are By Artists :

Kenseth Armstead – “In Spook’s Clothing” Melanie Baker – “Ben’s Papers” Christoph Draeger - “Mission Accomplished” Guy Richards Smit – “Miserable Future Arrives” Dread Scott – “Imagine A World” Nelson Leirner – “Right You Are If You Think You Are” Eve Sussman – “Gomorrah” Fatimah Tuggar – “Skinning Sheep”

Late Empire

mit Kenseth Armstead, Melanie Baker, Christoph Draeger, Guy Richards Smit, Dread Scott, Nelson Leirner, Eve Sussman, Fatimah Tuggar