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"Twelve miles from the heart of Paris, one of the glories of the architecture of fantasy has lain forgotten for two hundred years. The Désert de Retz was built as the private pleasure garden of Francois Nicolas Henri Racine de Monville, a gentleman of fashion during the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI. Created on the eve of the Revolution, between 1774 and 1789, the garden was dismantled a few years later. But over the period of fifteen years, and within the confines of one hundred acres, its owner realized a complete world in miniature."

-- Ketcham, Diana. Le Désert de Retz: A Late Eighteenth-Century French Folly Garden The Artful Landscape of Monsieur de Monville. MIT Press, 1997.

The show contains works of the following artists: Iva Gueorguieva SunTek Chung Tim Maxwell Ruby Stiler David Kennedy Cutler Jane Benson Molly Larkey Skyler Brickley Jennifer Ruff Christian Curiel Wardell Milan Jeffrey Gibson Matthew Bakkom Grant Cornett Fernando Mastrangelo

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Le Désert de Retz
Kurator: David Hunt

mit Iva Gueorguieva, SunTek Chung, Tim Maxwell, Ruby Stiler, David Kennedy-Cutler, Jane Benson, Molly Larkey, Skyler Brickley, Jennifer Ruff, Christian Curiel, Wardell Milan, Jeffrey Gibson, Matthew Bakkom, Grant Cornett, Fernando Mastrangelo