press release

Linda Karshan's 2003 exhibition at Kettle's Yard, 'marks and moves', was outstandingly successful, with a high level of sales. She now returns with a new set of drypoint etchings, made in Copenhagen in June 2006 with master-printer Nils Borch Jensen. The prints are displayed in the beautiful setting of the house at Kettle's Yard, interspersed with the permanent collection.

Karshan's work is minimal in its means. Using her left hand to avoid the knowingness of the right, her drawings and prints derive from a dance-like rhythm of counting and turning. The set of eighteen etchings explore just four formats, each testing the limits of the rectangle of the etching plate within the rectangle of the paper. Hung singly and in groups, they invite comparison and feed into the light and space of the rooms.

Linda Karshan has generously given a set of the prints to be sold in aid of the Kettle's Yard Appeal.

The suite comprises one larger and seventeen smaller drypoint etchings, printed on German Etch paper in an edition of seventeen.

only in german

Linda Karshan