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For the exhibition Luna Park. Fantastic Art twelve international artists have created new specific projects for the park of Villa Manin. The works, freely inspired by the theme of the game and of interaction, actively challenge the public and stimulate a dialogue with the historical and natural context of the site. On the fields, along the paths, between the trees and the vegetation, the works surprise us and make us think: some are looked at, some can be touched, crossed through, inhabited, walked on, hit at, thrown at or they can even be carried with us. The exhibition becomes a pathway of discovery, experience and amusement in which the visitor, whom every artist chooses to involve in a different way, is indeed the protagonist. Making us roll on a grass slide Paola Pivi inebriates us with the euphoria of nature. By means of a colourful group bench, Patrick Tuttofuoco unites us physically in the observation of the landscape. Cliostraat offer us a moment of rest on their spiderweb-hammock. Rirkrit Tiravanija welcomes us with an espresso in his teahouse. In his colourful cage Alberto Garutti lets nature grow freely. Through a catapult which launches stuffed animals, A12 contrast sweetness and violence. Tobias Rehberger’s shooting target allows visitors to take aim at a symbolic prey. With their mirroring parasols Petra Blaisse/Inside Outside camouflage us in the natural surroundings. Monika Sosnowska makes us reflect on the significance of the park by presenting an impossible ruin. Andreas Slominski forces us to look at the park from a different point of view. Tomas Saraceno creates a flying garden where Tsillandia plants give life to a self-sufficient ecosystem. With his “Go” game in huge scale, Gabriel Orozco’s work becomes the symbol of the concept of the game as freedom of though and movement.

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LUNA PARK. Fantastic Art
Kuratoren: Francesco Bonami, Sarah Cosulich Canarutto

Künstler: A12 , Petra Blaisse, CLIOSTRAAT , Alberto Garutti, Gabriel Orozco, Paola Pivi, Tobias Rehberger, Tomas Saraceno, Andreas Slominski, Monika Sosnowska, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Patrick Tuttofuoco