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4.25.03 For Marina Abramovic, the human body is “at the same time a condition, an opportunity, an obstacle, opportunity and obstacle; an existentialist starting point for any spiritual development”. Throughout her artistic career, her line of research has centered around the search for the limits of the human body, physical as well as mental. She was one of the pioneers of the performance art in the seventies. This interest led her to research other non-western cultures and study the particular ways of exorcising death and the fear of pain, feelings that are an intrinsic part of western culture. Performance art and the installations-sculptures have been her main means of expression. The artist has said that performance art has allowed her to leap to other spaces and dimensions and have allowed her to explore her body in public, upset social codes, and adopt strategies to destroy myths about that which is feminine, the body, its representation and identity. In this first exhibition of the artist in a private gallery in Spain, she presents some of the most shocking and representative photographic works of her performance art. These art pieces, unpublished to date, capture the artist performing in major international centers of artistic creation, and will be shown simultaneously on video. Once a year, Marina presents a Performance Biography in which she sums up her experiences as an artist, revealing the force and inspiration behind her work. Marina Abramovic (Belgrade, 1946) currently lives in Amsterdam, ("temporally for ever” as she likes to say) although she continues to travel around the world.

Among her most important solo exhibitions and performances are the following: Moving Pictures at the Guggenheim Museum, New York (2002) , The Hero, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden , Washington D.C. (2001) , Balkan Baroque XLVII Biennale, Venice (1997), Becoming Visible, Istanbul Biennale (1995), Dragon Heads, La Caixa , Barcelona (1993) Documenta 9 , Kassel (1992) , Magiciens de la Terre , Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1989) well as performances at the Parque Natural de Montenmedio de la Fundación Montenmedio, in the province of Cádiz. Marina Abramovic will attend the opening of the exhibition. We thank EPSON for being a sponsor of this exhibition. The Abramovic exhibition inaugurates the new space LA FABRICA GALERIA , in the heart of Madrid’s “triangle of art” near the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía. Our main focus is on promoting the best of contemporary art, as well as new talent.


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