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Notes on three sculptures

Resolving conflict by superficial means

Imagine a new daily routine.

Go out onto the streets, choose a face amongst the crowd and into this stranger pour all of your fear, pain and hatred. Now begin your day.

(There are, however, implications of such random psychic warfare.)

Imagine a new daily routine. Upon waking rise and take hold of an object of your choosing. Into this inanimate object pour all of your fear, pain and hatred. Now begin the day.

An invitation. Grasp this cold concrete hand and into it pour all of your fear, pain and hatred, let it wash down into the rock below. (A rock that was taken from poisoned soil of what was once the world’s largest munitions factory). Inside this rock our woes will meet and mix and be housed. And as more hands find there way here and pass their troubles downwards, ours will shrink and be lost within the expanding whole. Until, eventually the day comes when this rock can hold no more. But perhaps this day will never come, for in the end who knows how much pain one small rock can take.

Analogue Fountain

(The Dreamachine and its principles.)

1. The Dreamachine, a device developed by artist Brion Gysin and mathematician Ian Sommerville, was designed to stimulate brain activity by corresponding a frequency of flickered light with the brain’s intrinsic electrical activity. The device can be simply constructed with only a cardboard cylinder, a light bulb and a record player. The Dreamachine requires extended and concentrated use. The Dreamachine is viewed with eyes shut.

2. Language and the world are one. Our possibilities and our potential are locked within the fold of a few abstract marks and there permutations. Was this mankind’s greatest act of will or greatest act of submission? As has been said many times before the universe is nothing but a huge permutation but let us consider a smaller proposition. Does a word mark its corresponding action? By unravelling and permutating a word are we able to stimulate or instigate action? As the man said, "Rub out the word!"

3. Discussion dissuades action. A simple interaction. Turn the handle! Begin the permutation! Let the cylinder spin! See the light dance!

Everything Beautiful is far away 1. Anaerobic action during the decomposition of organic material produces the combustible gas methane. 2. The lotus flower grows from the swamp. 3. For a moment the flame flickers. 4. Everything beautiful is far away.


Mark Titchner - We Were Thinking of Evolving