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MATISSE & nine of his masterpieces from the museum collections MATISSE & three contemporary artists in interplay with his works MATISSE & eight international experts' take on his universe

Statens Museum for Kunst celebrates the centenary of the breakthrough of fauvism - and thus of Matisse - with a startling and challenging exhibition that provides contemporary audiences with new perspectives on the museum's Matisse masterpieces. The years from1905 to 1918 were crucial for Henri Matisse's ouvre. It was during those years that he created his most important works and established his position as one of the leading figures within 20th century art. Statens Museum for Kunst owns a unique collection of major works from the period. These works are not just regarded as milestones within Matisse's body of work by posterity – they also attracted a great deal of attention at the time of their creation and were much appreciated by the artist himself.

Different takes on Matisse MATISSE & shows different takes, different perspectives on nine of the museum's works by the French master. Works by three contemporary artists - Jesper Just and Malene Landgreen from Denmark and Aino Kannisto from Finland - are intervowen in a dialogue with Matisses' early works, establishing formal and thematic synchronicities and contrast across the span of years. In addition to this, eight pre-eminent Matisse scholars provide a new optics on the early works by pointing to hitherto overlooked connections in Matisse's motifs and imagery.

An experimental exhibition The exhibition addresses the meanings that arise between the works of art. These dialogues can be as interesting and unexpected as human interaction. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to combine the works themselves in the way that seems most rewarding to them, and the exhibition follows up this exhibition with extensive communication materials to create an interactive experience. For the first time ever Statens Museum for Kunst will use text messaging (SMS) as part of the communication activities, giving exhibition visitors access to information via their mobile phones.

Book and Catalogue In connection with the exhibition Statens Museum for Kunst will publish a book where eight of the world's leading Matisse scholars offer their takes on selected major works from the museum collections – and a catalogue which explains the exhibition concept and includes comprehensive presentations of the contributing contemporary artists.


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