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La Galerie Contemporary Art Centre in Noisy-le-Sec is presenting the first solo exhibition in France of the work of Meris Angioletti (b. 1977 in Bergamo, Italy), in which she will show a group of recent works together with others produced specifically.

Drawing on the history of the arts—from the first abstractions of the late 19th century to the "expanded cinema" of the 1970s—as well as the cognitive sciences, psychology and esoteric beliefs, Meris Angioletti's work investigates the mechanisms of perception, memory and the psyche. Applying an analytical method in which iconographic exploration and writing complement each other, the artist creates light and sound installations, video projections, slide shows, publications and photographs. The projection of light, images and colours and the diffusion of sound in a given venue aim at setting up a relationship between physical and mental space in a way that can generate "inner visions" for the viewer.

Each of Angioletti's works is an attempt to give concrete expression to such hitherto unexplained psychological processes as the creation of mental images, free association of ideas and intuition: each is a new way of speculating about the links between the visible and the invisible or between what is conscious and what is not. Central to Angioletti approach is the concept of translation: of numbers into movement, memory into dialogue, historical events into images, mental mechanisms into sounds, etc.

"I’m interested in translation as a cerebral activity—the brain constantly translating external stimuli—and as a phase in the process of artistic creation in which thought is translated into a visual, sound, verbal or other language. Also representing the unconscious—and even the esoteric (in the sense of the hidden)—a transitional zone between what is not manifest in the work and what is visible."

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Meris Angioletti
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