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This exhibition consists of three solo exhibitions by artists who come from very different parts of the World, whose work draws on these every day realities and histories of their homelands in distinctly different ways.

Minerva Cuevas The Mexican artist Minerva Cuevas (*1975) is based in Mexico City. Her artistic work is rooted in the experience of growing up there, but is not bound to it. The starting point of Cuevas' work is social intervention in spaces ranging from the Internet's virtual space to urban locations and museums. The exhibition is therefore a place where her interventions are not only presented, but also take place.

Exhibition in cooperation with Kunsthalle Basel.

Aernout Mik Aernout Mik (*1962) is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and presents a part of the multichannel video installation that was received with great enthusiasm at the 52nd Venice Biennale. It consists of two works – Training Ground, 2007 and Convergencies, 2007.

Exhibition in cooperation with BAK - basis voor actuele kunst [Utrecht].

Mladen Stilinovic Mladen Stilinovic (*1947) is based in Zagreb, Croatia. His work consists of installations, collages, photographs, artist books and actions as well as work made with artists collectives. He has been exhibiting since 1975 and recently showed to great success at Documenta 12. He researches the interactions between visual and verbal signs and intervenes on inexpensive and found material.

Exhibition in cooperation with Platform Garanti – Centre for Contemporary Art [Istanbul].

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Trio exhibition
Minerva Cuevas / Aernout Mik / Mladen Stilinovic