press release

Minky Manky is an exhibition of new work by some of the most exciting artists to have come out of Britain in the last ten years. The exhibition will be curated by Carl Freedman, curator of Modern Medicine and Gambler, two of the high-profile warehouse shows that caught the eye of the art world in the early 1990s.

The exhibition will include sculpture, painting, photography, text works and video. All the artists will be making new work for the exhibition, except Gilbert & George, who will be showing two black and white photographic works from the early 1970s.

Beck’s will celebrate a decade of its Arts Sponsorship Programme in 1995, and to mark this occasion a number of special activities are planned to take place during the year. To begin the 1995 programme Beck’s are delighted to be sponsoring Minky Manky at the South London Gallery.

Minky Manky
Kurator: Carl Freedman

Künstler: Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Damien Hirst, Mat Collishaw, Critical Decor , Steven Pippin, Gilbert & George