press release

Western Bridge's winter exhibition is an anthology of work in projected video and video installation from the first half of this decade. Expanded narrative approaches and perpetual loops fill the galleries, each presented independently in a dedicated space. Work in the exhibition includes Isaac Julien's three-channel cowboy romance "The Long Road to Mazatlan," Takeshi Murata's painterly decomposition of a campy film in "Monster Movie," Jennifer Steinkamp's wall-projected installation "Formation G" and Dara Friedman's hypnotic loop of kids jumping into the ocean from a Miami Beach pier, "Government Cut Freestyle." Single channel projected videos by Miguel Angel Rios and Suara Welitoff, two video pranks by Christopher Chiappa and Jack Daws, and a photograph by Lynne Cohen round out the exhibition.

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mit Isaac Julien, Takeshi Murata, Jennifer Steinkamp, Dara Friedman, Miguel Angel Rios, Suara Welitoff, Christopher Chiappa, Jack Daws, Lynne Cohen