press release

Z33 invited Marina Yee as a guest curator for its upcoming exhibition project. The result is an exhibition that concentrates on experience, presenting work by Marina Yee herself and selected works by artists that inspire her.

Marina Yee (°1958, Temse, Belgium) feels the need to have us dwell upon the beauty of things around us. She creates at a slow, more conscious pace. With this attitude she places herself outside her original environment, that is to say, outside the regular fashion circuit.

Under the title SLOW, Marina Yee created six installations for Z33 -- five video-installations and a colour installation -- that illustrate her consciously chosen attitude. It is about a global attitude, each reference to the fashion world is missing here.

With the visual material Marina Yee made and collected over the years, but never showed, she wants to shed a different light on everyday objects. At a slow and sensory pace, the audience can discover and experience the esthetical value of those things.

In dialogue with her own installations Marina Yee presents works of other artists that are a source of inspiration to her own work. Johan Mangelschots (BE), Florence Mascia (FR/BE) and Erik Verdonck (BE) were commissioned to create a new work for SLOW.

Marina Yee and Z33 also selected works by David Claerbout (BE), Lionel Estève (FR/BE), Ann Veronica Janssens (BE), Mariëlle Soons (NL), Léon Spilliaert (BE), Anu Tuominen (FI), Luc Tuymans (BE), Carole Vanderlinden (BE) and Hans Wuyts & Leon Vranken (BE).

N° 17 SLOW
Looking at things differently.
based on a concept by Marina Yee

Arbeiten von Marina Yee, Johan Mangelschots, Florence Mascia, Erik Verdonck, David Claerbout, Lionel Esteve, Ann Veronica Janssens, Marielle Soons, Leon Spilliaert, Anu Tuominen, Luc Tuymans, Carole Vanderlinden, Hans Wuyts & Leon Vranken