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The ASU Art Museum collection of work from Latin America has strength in Mexican modernism and contemporary Cuban work, with the largest publicly held collection of Cuban works outside the island made by artists of the 1990s. These works reflect changing social and political conditions of life on the island as they simultaneously reflect on aesthetic and personal concerns of its inhabitants. New works include Dislexia by Ivan Capote. Made of used machine parts, it challenges the viewer to read a philosophical text hidden under a coating of motor oil. The kinetic work challenges our ability to read and perceive quickly, and delivers a philosophical adage for those who can. Other new acquisitions include paintings by Eduardo Ponjuan, Pedro Alvarez; a photograph by Cirenaica Moreira, a drawing by Fernando Rodríguez, prints by Enrique Chagoya, Luis Jimenez, Kcho and Los Carpinteros; and works from a large gift of Latin American folk art given by Virginian collector Pete Cecere. The exhibition is in memory of Pedro Alvarez (1967-2004).

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NEW Acquisitions—Latin America
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mit Ivan Capote, Eduardo Ponjuan, Pedro Alvarez, Cirenaica Moreira, Fernando Rodríguez, Enrique Chagoya, Luis Alfonso Jimenez, Kcho , Los Carpinteros