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Nottinghamshire County Council Leisure Services invite you to the opening by Robert Hopper, Director of The Henry Moore Sculpture Trust of “Nicola Schrudde – Where Ochre Turns to Violet“ on Friday 18 July 1997 at 6.30pm

A collaboration with Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno and Edinburgh College of Art

Nicola Schrudde’s sculpture has close affinities with painting. Her use of colour and interest in light confirms the French Impressionists as a major influence on her work. In her most recent installation, Schrudde uses unfired clay manipulated by hand to create voluminous forms marked by thousands of finger prints. There is a tension between the surface, dusted with muted colour such as pink or violet, and the volume of each piece as well as an ambiguous relationship between the forms and the architectural space, through which the viewer is free to wander. The broken surfaces of these sculptures take the light in ways analogous to its effects on landscape, being responsive to its continuous change and the contingent play of shadow, encouraging us to think about what we see in nature.

A catalogue made to accompany the installation is available from the gallery shop.

Susan Daniel (Director), Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno Victoria Pomery (exhibitions officer), Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham Bill Scott (Head, School of Sculpture), Edinburgh College of Art

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Nicola Schrudde
Where Ochre turns to Violet
Kuratoren: Susan Daniel, Victoria Pomery, Bill Scott