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Nina Czegledy Residency April 2005

The aim of this research residency is to investigate issues related to the electromagnetic environment and its relationship to the human body. On one hand the exploration leads to the study of bio-electromagnetism and its historical context, including the ancient science of alchemy. On the other hand it examines contemporary spatial art practice in our “plugged-in” urban environment. The topics are connected to collaborative projects positioned fully or partially in Montréal. The intended outcomes of the research include publications and a series of public events.

Nina Czegledy, artist and independent curator, has collaborated on international projects, produced time-based and digital works, and lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. Electromagnetic Bodies, Digitized Bodies, Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora projects reflect her art&science&technology interest. Canada Digital Culture Map curator, exhibiting member of the Girls&Guns collective and ICOLS. Member of Space Art Network (Leonardo), president of the Critical Media Knowledge Institute and chair of the Inter Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA).


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Nina Czegledy