press release

Opening reception: Thursday, 19 June 2008, 9 pm Venue: Old Ice Chambers, Port of Thessaloniki, Greece

Opening speeches by Henry Meyric Hughes, Ramon Tió Bellido, Efi Strouza & Syrago Tsiara

Twenty-two art schools in 22 European countries... "come together" through the works of 29 of their graduates who transcend all borders and provide proof of the common - although with many different "dialects" - language of art in the exhibition titled "NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S.*)", which is being organised by the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and the European Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels "La Centrale Électrique" from 19 June (opening at 21:00) to 28 September 2008 at the Old Ice Chambers at the Port of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The purpose of the exhibition titled "NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S.*)" (in actual fact N.E.W.S. constitutes the initials of North, East, West and South) is to raise the profile of young artists from all over Europe in a way that reveals both their common roots and their diversity of expression. In view of the high level of artistic exchange that already exists in Europe, it simultaneously seeks to give fresh opportunities to young artists just setting out on their careers to show in a different environment and interact with a new public, thus overcoming the limitations imposed by geopolitics.

The exhibition - which was already a success in Brussels - was organised at the initiative of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), which is based in Paris, with the help and support of AICA Ireland, AICA Denmark, AVCA Valencia and AICA Hellas. Each of the above bodies organised an international seminar in their region, followed by an examination of artists' dossiers. The final selection of work for the exhibition was made based on around 170 submissions by young artists who had been recommended by a total of 40 art schools, and on a subsequent interview with the artists who were short-listed.

At first sight, the works in the exhibition show a remarkable degree of homogeneity, despite the variety of techniques employed, from painting, sculpture and photography to video, installations and all kinds of digital techniques. However, this should come as no surprise, considering that these young artists are all taking their first steps towards independence and away from the background provided by their art school training.

Through their work these artists pose problems that are of an international nature, but seem to invite a 'glocal' response. In other words, the young artists who are recommended through the exhibition exploit their potential to the fullest, demonstrating their capacity to meld 'local' factors with reflexive mediation in fashioning a 'global' discourse.

The artists

Kristoffer Akselbo (Denmark) Ece Burgaz (Turkey) Nina Canell (Sweden/Ireland) David Cantera(Spain) Sebastian Christoffel (Germany/Netherlands) Coolturistes (Lithuania) Rudy Decelière(France/Switzerland) Marjan Denkov (FYROM) Kristina Draskovic (Serbia) Brendan Earley (Ireland)Willehad Eilers (Germany/Netherlands) Merike Estna (Estonia) Erica Eyres (Canada/United Kingdom) David Ferrando Giraut (Spain) Caroline Froissart (France) Simon Hitziger (France)Tellervo Kalleinen (Finland) Ulrike Knorr (Germany/Belgium) Maria Lusitano (Portugal) Kristina Müntzing (Sweden) Ailbhe Ní Bhriain (Ireland) Randi Nygård (Norway) Lala Rascic (Croatia)Katerina Sedá (Czech Republic) Ivana Smiljanic (Serbia) Mayra Vázquez (Spain) Babis Venetopoulos (Greece) Pernille With Madsen (Denmark) Zork a Wollny (Poland)

Curatorial Team:

Henry Meyric Hughes, President of AICA Ramon Tió Bellido, Secretary-General of AICA, Chief Curator of the exhibition Fabienne Dumont, Artistic Director, La Centrale électrique Alexandra Gillet, Assistant to the curatorial team Ciáran Bennett, President of AICA Ireland Maité Beguiristain, Vice-President of AICA Malene Vest Hansen, President of AICA Denmark Efi Strouza, President of AICA Hellas Syrago Tsiara, Director of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki

Collaborating institutions: AICA & the European Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels "La Centrale Électrique" CACT - Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki,

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Kuratoren: Henry Meyric Hughes, Ramon Tio Bellido, Fabienne Dumont, Alexandra Gillet, Ciaran Bennett, Maite Beguiristain, Malene Vest Hansen, Efi Strouza, Syrago Tsiara

Künstler: Kristoffer Akselbo, Ece Burgaz, Nina Canell, David Cantera, Sebastian Christoffel, Coolturistes, Rudy Deceliere, Marjan Denkov, Kristina Draskovic, Brendan Earley, Willehad Eilers, Merike Estna, Erica Eyres, David Ferrando Giraut, Caroline Froissart, Simon Hitziger, Tellervo Kalleinen, Ulrike Knorr, Maria Lusitano, Kristina Müntzing, Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Randi Nygard, Lala Rascic, Katerina Seda, Ivana Smiljanic, Mayra Vazquez, Babis Venetopoulos, Pernille With Madsen, Zorka Wollny