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Peter Noever, Vienna, Presents an Exhibition on the Language of Art Today

No smoking! When on April 1st a satire radio show set afloat, with a hint to the date, the canard that smoking would soon be prohibited in New York City not only in public places, but also in private rooms, this prompted a large number of worried responses from citizens who feared that the news might nevertheless be true, saying that anything was possible today.

What has happened to make the euphoric promise of "anything goes" that once enticed individuals and society as a whole into believing that the time had come for the fulfillment of all wishes an expression of pessimistic fears of being deprived of any right to individuality even in one's private sphere?

Does the signature that we used in the times of written contracts to vouch our individual identity and the fingerprint, the biometric mark that makes us identifiable as individuals today, not stand for one and the same thing? Created identity on the one side, fateful singularity on the other?

Peter Noever, curator, Vienna, has developed a small, but very poignant exhibition entitled O.K., America! for apexart. Artists from different cultures will participate. The show brings together diverse attempts to explore, and express, present-day contradictions against the background of different cultures and poles of tension. When all other languages have lost their meaning, Peter Noever says, "art remains the sole medium to experience possibilities and conditions of individuality and freedom in a direct or visceral manner".

O.K., America! is a contribution to the process of critically reflecting the contradictions that we get embroiled in by striving for certainties and safety.

A full color brochure containing an essay by Peter Noever will be available free of charge. Pressetext

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O.K. America! / Peter Noever
Peter Noever, Direktor MAK, Wien
KünstlerInnen und Kollektive: Kendell Geers, Elke Krystufek, Raymond Pettibon, Oscar Muñoz, Luo Brothers, Rosangela Renno, Daniele Buetti, Ghazel , Jelena Kowylina, Escape Group, The Blue Noses Group