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Currently residing in New York this will be Payne and Relph’s first UK exhibition since Days Like These, the Triennial of British art held at Tate Britain in early 2003. Mainly known for their series of highly acclaimed films documenting London and its surroundings, from reclaiming superfluous architecture (Driftwood, 2001) to the optical haze of Carnaby St (Gentlemen, 2003) Payne and Relph encapsulate a highly personal vision of the capital born out of a youth spent wandering between the suburbs and Soho.

In tandem with their films Payne and Relph have also nurtured a practice that envelops a number of concurrent media, from t-shirts and fanzine-like self publications to collage and wall paintings. In what ever form it takes their work forms a dialogue where enthusing over 19th century designer William Morris and author J.K Huysmans is as important as Ja Ja Binks, the Star Wars character or Mowbli, the mascot from the Carphone Warehouse ads. An example of this is their work from earlier this year, Untitled, 2004, a wall painting at the The British School in Rome consisting of the aforementioned Mowbli, donning a mask from the cult Horror movie Scream and bent over like an old man, walking stick in hand, caught in the tapestry-like forest of a William Morris design.

For the exhibition at Millers Terrace Payne & Relph will be creating a new site specific installation.

Oliver Payne & Nick Relph will be partaking in this year’s 54th Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, USA. This year they have shown at Kunsthalle Basel, The National Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo, Musee D’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and The British School in Rome. They have previously exhibited at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Tate Britain, Becks Futures, ICA, and Venice Biennale (at which they won a Golden Lion). For their full resume or more information please contact the gallery.


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Oliver Payne & Nick Relph