press release

Exhibition at MOCAK will be the first broad presentation of the work of Omer Fast in Poland. We will show four video installations: Everything that rises must be escaped (2013, 55 min), continuity (2012, 40 min), the best part of 1500 meters (2011, 30 min) and Look beautiful for God (2008, 27 min). The last of them MOCAK bought in 2013. Exhibition Omer Fast is part of a program of exhibitions in which we organize solo shows of artists' works from the Collection MOCAK. We wish to show the broader context of artistic works that are found in our collections.

Omer Fast comprehensively operates film. His virtuosity stun perfection and podstępnością media. Action movies Fasta often takes place on several levels. Real scenes collide with visions or memories. Sometimes initiated action "slips" out of control and its position replaces the situation from the film: Natural comments actors, technicians and the director himself. We feel the transition to the other side of the screen that the people hanging around the movie is probably the mirror.

The main theme of all the movies Omer Fasta is human action themselves. The artist is interested in what we are doing with our lives, as it distorts how we yield to deform and harmful situations. Omer chooses authentic heroes, implicated in the incident, around which a growing share. In one of the films is an observation area Schindler's List, Steven Spielberg , in another war in Afghanistan , in the subsequent funeral and pornographic film studio. All characters - actually instigators psychological analysis Omer - experienced extreme situations.

Fast does not deal with the classic trauma, violent and damaged the cause of the victim. His characters are and wounded, but do not want to go back to the previous state of "health". Become other people and are looking for value and meaning in the new skin. This search may seem self-deception, but it really is a fight for himself. In his films, the trauma is not pain, but creation.

Omer Fast carried out anthropological research , using the analytical capabilities of a larger film as a medium. The results of these studies are moving and deeply steeped in bitter humanism.