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The wandering exhibition “On Mobility” is based on the collaboration of four contemporary institutions in Europe. With the exhibition of a mutating group of artists, the project sets out to investigate the dynamics of and the reasons for an increasing global mobility, both as a possibility for the privileged (e.g. internationally working artists) and as a necessity for people who do not move by their own choice.

Within their works artists deal with migration, with questions of cultural translation or even with the impossibility of leaving one’s circumstances behind; they work with situations, with documentary forms, with communities, reflect on the media and on economic mechanisms. While articulating critical views on a global situation, they also seek an alternative with sometimes very personal, playful or poetic approaches.

Budapest This is the forth stop in the relay-exhibition On Mobility, which will be on display in three institutions in Budapest: Trafó Gallery/ Stúdió Gallery/Menü Pont, Kunsthalle, Budapest.

From De Appel in Amsterdam, the project travelled to BüroFriedrich in Berlin. After Vilnius it will move to Budapest before returning to Amsterdam. Each venue will exhibit a selection of works from the previous incarnations and add four new participants. Upon returning to Amsterdam, the show will consist of a completely different group of artists chosen by the partner institutions.

This project is supported by the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union and the Netherlands Culture Fund (HGIS-Cultuurprogramma).

On Mobility travels with a varying group of artists through Europe

Aug 2005 De Appel, Amsterdam Nov 2005 BüroFriedrich, Berlin Feb 2006 CAC, Vilnius May 2006 Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts / Stúdió Galéria/Menü Pont, Kunsthalle, Budapest July 2006 De Appel, Amsterdam

Curator: Edit Molnar Local co-organiser: Hajnalka Somogyi


On Mobility
Kurator: Edit Molnar

mit Leopold Kessler, Miklos Erhardt, Marjetica Potrc, Tomas Saraceno, Tomo Savic-Gecan, Asa Sonjasdotter, Nasrin Tabatabai, Judi Werthein

26.08.05 - 25.09.05 De Appel, Amsterdam
19.11.05 - 05.01.06 Büro Friedrich Berlin
03.02.06 - 19.03.06 Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
04.05.06 - 04-06.06 TRAFO House, Budapest
15.07.06 - 27.08.06 De Appel, Amsterdam