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For the coming six weeks croy nielsen will be hosting Flaca: an independent project space situated in London's East End. Founded in 2003 by artist Tom Humphreys, Flaca has been the platform for a comprehensive program of group- and solo exhibitions featuring both London-based and international artists. The projects are often devoloped in collaboration with other artists and curators, and include publications, such as "Flaca Launch Book" (2003) as well as several exhibition catalogues. The program is mainly concentrated on young artists, but in 2005 Flaca presented the first UK retrospective of the legendary American artist Prophet Royal Robertson (1936-1997).

For the show at croy nielsen, Tom Humphreys has invited four artists under the title 'One Size Youth', which is the description found on the size label inside brightly coloured stretchy Jamaica-style T-shirts. Read out of context it has an inference of universality and shared ideology. Loosely and openly developed, the exhibition was born from the question of how one might form a youth movement, and it brings together four artists that share certain sensibilities and direction.

Wolfgang Breuer makes interventions in public sites. However, for this exhibition he shows a work consisting of five leaves found in London's East End. They have been formed in such a way that they could function as photo-corners.

Tom Humphreys show a new sculpture, entitled Familiars that combine standardized material from hardware stores and building markets to form a tower. Emphasis in this work is placed on pragmatic linking solutions - leaving the materials untransformed.

Lucie Stahl 's work is concerned with both process and playful quotation. In this case she exhibits a series of new works entitled Bookophobia developed from rough photocopy reproductions of images of artist Lynda Benglis' sculptures (1970-92).

Magda Tothova 's work mixes personal histories with fantasy and attitude. Here, Gold-textile elements form a structural and decorative ornament, and contain collages developed from stickers, false nails and other colourful materials.

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One Size Youth
Wolfgang Breuer / Tom Humphreys / Lucie Stahl / Magda Tothova
präsentiert von Flaca Gallery