press release

Performance art influenced by pioneers as Carolee Schneemann and translated globally by a new generation of female artists - concurrent with Performa 07, a performance biennale held in New York.

Opening Reception Tuesday Nov. 13, 6 - 8pm

The artists in this exhibition present us with a new reality in which vulnerability, ordinarily perceived as a shortcoming specifically attached to the female gender, is transformed into a virtue, and even a strength. They also dispose of shame, openly offering their bodies not as tributes, but as vessels of meaning. Last, they give us their emotional honesty as if it were a gift which, when opened, will reveal the repressive ideology of the commonplace. Nakedness comes to embody purity, in which the private becomes public, and intimacy with the issues associated with each becomes both something shared and something known.

Participating artists: Carolee Schneemann (USA) Heide Hatry (GERMANY) Regina José Galindo (GUATEMALA) Sonia Khurana (INDIA) He Cheng Yao (CHINA) Minnette Vári (SOUTH AFRICA)

Out of the Box
Kuratiert von Elga Wimmer und Heide Hatry

mit Carolee Schneemann, Heide Hatry, Regina Jose Galindo, Sonia Khurana, He Cheng Yao, Minnette Vari