press release

As individuals, we only ever experience one small unique slice of the ‘art environment’. With this in mind, I curated ‘Sense & Nonsense’ in 2003, using the opportunity of an exhibition to reveal my surroundings. This new exhibition titled Outdoors is a continuation of this process. What visitors will be again presented with is a cobbled together ‘community’, born out of both choice and circumstances.

Although London is clearly home, a strong relationship with Brussels over many years weaves in and out of this story. Belgium is not the other side of the world, but this small country has a great ability to produce and give refuge to artists that both delight and surprise.

Over 40 artists have been assembled, using a wide range of media: Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Film. The pieces selected will involve information that is gained from the world outdoors. As well as cityscapes and landscapes, there will be works that touch on areas and ideas that are less easy to define.

Works will include a Belgian bicycle sculpture by Marianne Berenhaut, Orla Barry’s Foundlings filmed in Wexford, Ireland and some works from the past, as in Frans Masereel’s view of Antwerp.

The various rooms in the gallery will allow both informal and particular groupings to occur. One section will try to present the landscape of conflict, as in John Swarbrick’s Drawing/Painting alongside the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay.

At the end of the day maybe these works are simply attempting to show us what the world outside looks like.

Gerry Smith


Kurator: Gerry Smith

mit Orla Barry, David Bate, Marianne Berenhaut, Marcel Broodthaers, Glauce Cerveira, Gordon Cheung, Luc Coeckelberghs, Emily Cole, Sandra Cross, Jean-Philippe Defaut, Els Dietvorst, William English, Aldous Eveleigh, Christoph Fink, Denzil Forrester, Oona Grimes, John Guest, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tony Hayward, Nicky Hodge, Kati Heck, Christian Israel, Hywel Wyn Jones, Barry Kemp, John Roger King, Daniel Knorr, David Lamelas, Claudia Lipsey, Ingeborg Lüscher, Ulla Maibaum, Laura Malacart, Herman Martin, Frans Masareel, Herman Martin, David McKeran, Andrea Merciar, Susan Morris, Blinky Palermo, Roger Pratt, John Roberts, Perry Roberts, Guy Rombouts, Marc Rossignol, Kevin Rowe, Gerry Smith, Joe Stockham, John Swarbrick, Walter Swennen, Bernard Villers ...