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The Outsider Collection was established in 1981 by Victor Musgrave, after a seminal exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in 1979, which he initiated and curated with Roger Cardinal. After Musgrave’s premature death in 1984, his companion Monika Kinley continued to enrich the Collection, which now comprises over 800 works. Since 1998 it has been looked after and displayed by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin.

On display in Outsider Art at Tate Britain are works by some of the key figures in the Outsider world. For the first time at Tate the major British exponents are shown, including the former Tate Gallery assistant Perifimou, who was discovered by Musgrave on his frequent visits to the gallery. Fashioned out of inner visions from a multitude of materials, these works enrich the lives of both maker and viewer.

This display celebrates the gift of the records of the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Trust by Monika Kinley to the Tate Archive in 2003 (TGA200327). What is Outsider Art?

In 1945 the term ‘L’Art Brut’ - literally ‘raw art’ – was coined by the French painter Jean Dubuffet. ‘Art does not lie down on the bed that is made for it’, Dubuffet said, ‘It runs away as soon as one says its name: it loves to be incognito. Its best moments are when it forgets what it is called’.

In 1972, art historian Roger Cardinal first used the term ‘Outsider art’ to describe work which belongs to no movement or school. Outsider artists are mainly self-taught, have little or no art historical knowledge, and are adept at exploring their own psyche.

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Outsider Art

mit Aloïse , Henry Darger, Madge Gill, Johann Hauser, Franz Kernbeis, Hans Krüsi, Albert Louden, Dwight Mackintosh, Michel Nedjar, Perifimou , Valerie Potter, Sava Sekulic, Oswald Tschirtner, Anna Zemankova ...