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From 9 June, Pablo Bronstein presents Sketches for Regency Living, a groundbreaking exhibition in which, for the first time, an individual artist works across the entire ICA introducing major architectural interventions, as well as choreographing extraordinary art and ballet performances.

Bronstein draws upon London’s Regency history and that of the ICA building, using a wide range of media to explore his interest in architecture, from performance and drawing to installation and sculpture. His work demonstrates an affinity for how architecture and sculpture intervene in personal identity and inform our movements and social mores. Intimate and stylized tours through the building-wide exhibition, inspired by guided visits around historic properties, offer an insight into the history of Nash House and Bronstein’s work.

Bronstein’s most ambitious exhibition to date, Sketches for Regency Living penetrates every area of the ICA. Throughout the exhibition, existing architecture is embellished with forms that reference the Regency period, while visitors encounter neo-classical structures and daily choreographed performances. Bronstein combines elements of the past with the present, and encourages the ICA to engage with its own identity.

The exhibition includes a retrospective programme of Bronstein's dance works; newly choreographed performances; and an original ballet devised by Bronstein and co-commissioned by the ICA and Tramway.

Live Performances For the duration of the exhibition Sketches for Regency Living, Pablo Bronstein has choreographed two unique performances that will be repeated alternately every hour on the hour within the lower gallery. Accompanying these performances there will be demonstrations of the metamorphic furniture designed by the artist on the occasion of the exhibition, every half hour in the Upper Galleries.

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Pablo Bronstein
Sketches for Regency Living