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The first Picasso exhibition in Denmark in 20 years to embrace a full range of the artist’s work is set for

COPENHAGEN: 101 seldom-shown works of Picasso will be exhibited January 31 to June 13, 2004 at the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. PICASSO – FOR ALL TIMES presents paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics from a singular selection of Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, the artist’s grandson. An important part of the show is “Picasso’s Picassos,” works that the 20th-century master chose to keep for himself.

A rare treat No other modern artist has come close to matching Picasso’s (1881-1973) prominence in the Western world. Several museums are dedicated to the artist and his work. Still, the exhibition at ARKEN is a rare treat: the exhibition presents an important part of the collection of Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, including the works that his famous grandfather kept until his death, when they were passed down to his grandson. ARKEN’s show is a chance to see “Picasso’s Picassos.”

PICASSO – FOR ALL TIMES is the first exhibition in Denmark in 20 years to embrace a full range of the artist’s work. Counting loans from other collections, 101 works illustrate the scope of his achievement. The show follows Picasso year by year—starting in 1895 as the artist, at the tender age of 14, adapted to the conventions of the academy and, later, as he moved on to Cubism, Neoclassicism and Surrealism until finally, in 1971, the vigorous nonagenarian let it all out in bawdy, expressionist canvases.

Diversity of style An art prodigy, Pablo Picasso became a master of virtually all art styles, genres and disciplines. Over nearly eight decades, Picasso time and again reinvented the vocabulary of art, leaving behind a stupendous body of work.

Unlike any other artist of his era, Picasso veered between extreme, transgressive experiment and deep roots in classic art traditions. His unique approach to style produced constant variation. The ARKEN exhibition affords an opportunity to track Picasso’s stylistic diversity, including within the established periods commonly used for categorizing his work.

PICASSO – FOR ALL TIMES is organized by ARKEN in cooperation with Images Modernes, Paris. In addition to works from the collection of Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, the exhibit will feature pieces from Göteborg Konstmuseum, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, the Danish Galleri Faurschou and European private collectors.

In 1917 Picasso met Olga Kokhlova (1891-1955), a dancer at the Ballets Russes. They were married in 1918 and three years later had their first and only child, Paulo (1921-1975), the father of Bernard Ruiz-Picasso. Paulo is the only one of Picasso’s children who was born within wedlock. Though estranged, Olga and Picasso remained married until Olga’s death in 1955. Pressetext

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Pablo Picasso - For All Times
rund 90 Arbeiten aus der Sammlung Bernard Ruiz-Picasso