press release

Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill
Via di San Gregorio 30 (Gateway Vignola)

In an area that has been closed to the public for decades (Domus Severiana, Palatine Stadium, Lower Peristyle Domus Augustana), the Nomas Foundation collection opens a dialogue with the identity of Rome, poised between the suggestions of the ancient and the sociopolitical contradictions generated by the diffusion and mutation of its image. At the center of the critical debate, the appropriation of the historical memory (spolia), the ideological manipulation of the masses operated by ancient art, the creation of a myth for power, the active dictatorship of the "religio," the forceful structuring of "lex" and "ius," the global paradox and the contradictions of the cultural heritage. A journey of dissent within the myth of Rome, an anarchic re-reading of the devices for the stratification of history, an experience of self education which shifts our view to a more active role, disclosing uncomfortable perspectives towards an open and critical cultural consumption.

Site specific
Sislej Xhafa (Colosseum-Meta Sudans)
Daniel Buren (Domus Severiana Upper Terrace)
Kader Attia (Domus Augustana Lower Peristyle)