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For decades, any mention of many of the most influential Central European conceptual artists of the late sixties and seventies on this side of the Atlantic was relegated to footnotes and passing comments. Primary Documents, a publication issued by MOMA last year, and a host of publications on postsocialist themes seem to be heralding a new interest in art from that part of Europe in the USA.

PARALLEL ACTIONS: CONCEPTUAL TENDENCIES IN CENTRAL EUROPE FROM 1965 TO 1980, an exhibition and symposium at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York curated by Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schoellhammer, will concentrate on conceptual art in Central Europe between 1965 and 1980 and put practices transgressing the classical borders of modernist art in a concise historical context. PARALLEL ACTIONS assesses the exclusivity of American and Western European conceptual art by introducing locally known conceptual artists from the sixties and seventies in Central Europe. It seeks to address the developments and structures inherent in a form of art caught between division and political change. The works presented were not created in reaction to the West, but in a parallel movement. The exhibition features works by: VALIE EXPORT (Austria), Stano Filko (Slovakia), Sanja Ivekovic (Croatia), Julius Koller (Slovakia), Jiri Kovanda (Czech Republic), Kurt Kren (Austria), OHO (Slovenia), Ernst Schmidt Jr. (Austria), Mladen Stilinovic (Croatia), Rasa Todosijevic (Serbia and Montenegro), Goran Trbuljak Croatia), and Peter Weibel (Austria).

PARALLEL ACTIONS: CONCEPTUAL TENDENCIES IN CENTRAL EUROPE FROM 1965 TO 1980 will open to the public with a reception on the evening of December 16, 2003 at the Austrian Cultural Forum tower at 11 East 52nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Pressetext

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Parallel Actions: Conceptual Tendencies in Central Europe from 1965 to 1980
Visual Art Exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum Introduces
Conceptual Artists from Central Europe
Exhibion and SYMPOSIUM (16.12.03)
Arbeiten von VALIE EXPORT, Stano Filko, Sanja Ivekovic, Julius Koller, Jiri Kovanda, Kurt Kren, OHO, Ernst Schmidt Jr., Mladen Stilinovic, Rasa Todosijevic, Goran Trbuljak, Peter Weibel