press release

PAT STEIR - Color Wheel
Oct. 24, 2019–Sept. 7, 2020

Over the span of her career, American painter Pat Steir has mastered intuition and happenstance. Inspired by Chinese ink painting, Daoist thought, and gestural abstraction, the artist is known for abstract paintings that combine meticulously placed brushstrokes with variables of chance. At the Hirshhorn, Steir applies her renowned practice to 30 large-scale paintings, measuring nearly 400-linear feet, her longest-ever suite. Encircling the entire Second Level inner-circle galleries, the paintings create an immersive installation composing two overlapping Newtonian color wheels.

Pat Steir: Color Wheel will be on view Oct. 24, 2019—Sept. 7, 2020, during which time the artist will turn 80.