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The exhibition by English artist Paul Noble (1963, Northumberland), is mainly dedicated to his monumental project Nobson Newtown. This is also the name of a fictitious city, which has been worked out in extreme detail in very large pencil drawings, each focusing on a particular building. Nobson Newtown is not a futuristic city, but rather seems to have been built up out of gothic elements. A typeface especially developed by Noble, based on modernist architecture, returns in every drawing. In Nobson Newtown language is literally the building blocks of civilization and the foundation of society. Paul Noble worked on this project for eight years. The exhibition at the Boijmans is complemented by a large egg-shaped sculpture and a very concentrated video projection. Organized by the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London, subsequently on show at the migros museum in Zurich, Paul Noble’s extraordinary world is finally presented at the Boijmans.

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Paul Noble