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press release

Since 1990 Salazar has been working on videoperformance, video, sound, drawing, installation and photography.

In his work Salazar spectacularly twists and manipulates concepts from their etymological base. Concepts that historically had a utopic and subversive connotation are metamorphosed completely through the language of the media and what possibilities of persuasion these new meanings have. The result of this mutations is a collection of depoliticised images, words and strategies adapted to neoliberal ideology and marketing. The work of Pepo Salazar tries to show and criticise these aspects and includes elements that belong to the artistic sphere, to subversive positions found on the fringe of politics, to the operative capacity of cultural projects in a society which definitely does not understand complex political language.


Pepo Salazar
‘Rich bitch with stinking slit /
sits on slim kid’s stiff dick /
Drink and lick / Think a hit.’