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Opening on Friday, 24-APRIL-09, 18:00 The artist will be present during the opening.

The Hangar - UMAM Documentation & Research, Haret Hreik, next to al-Mahdy mosque, Beirut Daily until 10 May 2009, 4 - 9 pm, phone: 01-422 291 ext. 7014

Us/Them II is a body of photographs that negotiates the massive and accelerated changes in urban and rural space and landscape in the environs of East-Jerusalem. An initial set of images was created in 2001 with the beginning of the gradual isolation of Palestinian Jerusalem from its natural environment the West Bank, which provided in many ways essential quality of life for the city. In a long-term, sustainable observation effort this initial work serves as a basis for more and new photographs from 2008 that are put in comparison.

The present and near future of a reality of pure apartheid dictated with all military might and economic power seems evident if one sees the segregated Israeli settlements and the Wall surrounding the city on the one hand, and the Arab part that is kept to its lowest development on the other.

The uniqueness of Jerusalem as a place of universal values and spiritual importance is rapidly eroding. Urban planning and the insane conquest of more and more Palestinian land resources have done enormous physical and psychological damage that hardly leaves room for hope in the Holy Land.

Biography Peter Riedlinger (*1966)

Studies and Positions 1993-98 Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst, Studienbereich Fotografie, Zurich (CH) 1997 Hochschule für Grafik und Buckunst, Fachbereich Fotografie, Leipzig (DE) 2000-01 Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art Jerusalem (PS), Project Director

Awards and Scholarships (Selection) 2008 Land Berlin (project grant) 2006 Künstlerhaus Lukas-Award, Artist-in-Residence in Kaliningrad, Russia 2003-04 Cité Internationale des Arts Paris-Award of the Land Baden-Württemberg 2002/03 Ateliers d’Artistes de la Ville de Marseille (Artist-in-Residence) 2000 Jerusalem Foundation (project grant)

Solo Exhibitions (Selection) 2008 us/them II, Franco-German Cultural Centre / Goethe-Institut Ramallah (PS) 2005 La Rue est à nous, Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand Karlsruhe (DE) 2000 us/them, Gallery Anadiel Jerusalem (PS)

Group Exhibitions (Selection) 2009 Nichtorte, Orte. Sammlungsausstellung 2009, 
Galerie fuer Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (DE) 2008 [Maerkischer] Sand, Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk, Cottbus (DE) 2008 The Jerusalem Show, Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem (PS)

Peter Riedlinger
us/them II
Photography exhibition organized by Goethe-Institut Libanon in cooperation with UMAM D & R