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diCorcia, who combines the documentary tradition with fiction, film, and advertising, is known for capturing everyday life through the camera lens. At Magasin 3, photographs from three series will be on exhibit.

The core of the exhibition is A Storybook Life, comprised of 76 photographs from life in American suburbs taken during the years 1975-1999. The series Two Hours (1999) is comprised of 11 photographs taken from a fixed position on a street in Havana, Cuba. The passers-by were photographed from a short distance away, a set-up that simulates the pulse of the street and the flow of people. Several photographs are from one of diCorcia's best-known series, Heads (2000). In these portraits the background and surroundings are blotted out, while the individuals themselves stand out. They are captured in a private moment, in their own world, as the city pulse and bustle is filtered away.


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Philip-Lorca diCorcia "A Storybook Life"