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The exhibition Policja/Police presented in the Galeria Dolna in Bunkier Sztuki is a group show focusing on one topic, including works by Polish artists who have approached the manifold concept of police in a variety of ways.

As the creators of the exhibition say, „police is a constant element in urban life. The associations and images that it evokes are ambivalent and full of contradictions. How do these uniformed and armed people that we meet in the streets make us feel? Is it a strange and irrational sense of discomfort? Or is it peacefulness resulting from the fact that there is someone who protects us? Why are police series on TV still the most popular?

The curator of the exhibition Kamila Wielebska writes: „The Police show is an attempt to face the multiple images related to this topic. The representations hide deeper meanings, including the fundamental ideas of liberty and security. Police constitute a sign that stands for broadly understood social and even political problems. In Poland, where the political system changed not that long ago, they are a symbol of the transformation of a totalitarian state into a civil democracy. The fact that Militia became Police was an embodiment of our visions, fears and hopes, and dreams as to what our lives should be like. Perhaps liberty and security are contradictive. Which do we need more? Everyone has to decide for themselves. Police may be in every one of us.”

The exhibition includes works by the following artists: Hubert Czerepok, Roman Dziadkiewicz, Angelika Fojtuch, the KwieKulik duo, Anna Niesterowicz, Robert Rumas, Mariusz Waras, Jan S. Wojciechowski, Julita Wojcik, and Artur Zmijewski.

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Policja / Police
Kurator: Kamila Wielebska

mit Hubert Czerepok, Roman Dziadkiewicz, Angelika Fojtuch, Anna Niesterowicz, Robert Rumas, KwieKulik, Mariusz Waras, Jan Stanislaw Wojciechowski, Julita Wojcik, Artur Zmijewski