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Hollywood-born artist Jann Haworth (b. 1942) is among the few women associated with the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. Her sewn cloth soft sculptures refer to typically American Pop themes such as fast food, film stars, cheerleaders, cowboys and comics, as well as to her experiences of living in England during a period of cultural transformation. Developed in partnership with the artist, this exhibition is the first UK solo show of Haworth’s work in a public gallery since 1972.

In 1968 Haworth won a Grammy award for her work as co-designer of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. POP Jann Haworth contains behind the scenes photographic images of the making of the Sgt. Pepper album set as well as Old Lady I, the life-size sculpture that first appeared in 1967 as a Granny on the album’s photo montage cover.

The artist has restored several works expressly for the show, offering a rare opportunity to see Haworth’s early soft sculptures alongside more recent pieces including giant charm bracelets and corset canvases. Wolverhampton’s own still-life sculpture, Donuts, Coffee cups & Comics (1962) will be on display alongside other donut sets, for the first time since it was acquired for the Pop Art Collection in 2008.

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POP Jann Haworth