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Tom Ellis, Je Ne Regrette Rien, Courtesy of Freight + Volume Je Ne Regrette Rien is a French phrase commonly used in Britain which means No Regrets or dont regret anything. Ellis thinks of this as a kind of mantra, a statement of intent that connects not only to his art practice but to his personal philosophy.

Ellen Harvey, Beautiful/Ugly Palm Beach, Courtesy of magnus müller, Berlin Beautiful/Ugly Palm Beach is a portrait of a community by a community. Senior citizens in Palm Beach, Florida, were invited to submit two images, one of a beautiful and one of an ugly thing, place or person in Palm Beach to be made into oil paintings.

David Hevel, Kitty Kat (Beyonc), 91" x 73" x 68", tiger taxidermy form, artificial tiger hide, & mixed media, 2006, Courtesy of Heather Marx Gallery In David Hevels world, celebrity gossip provides endless fodder and inspiration for his densely packed, obsessively crafted, and wickedly humorous sculptures. Hevels use of synthetic materials suggests the hyper-artificiality of the subject matter itself.

Bjorn Schalke, Drone # 4, Courtesy of bitforms gallery Bjorn Schalke designs objects that playfully transform live spatial energy into active responses in sculptural form. Born from a world of spaceships, unusual scientific instruments and robots, Drone #4 is a sterile white fiberglass construction that probes its surroundings.

Jade Townsend, Untitled, Courtesy of Priska C. Juschka Fine Art Townsends current work begins with research into a specific historical event, myth, or allegorical tale. He often works with (but is not limited to) symbols inherent to the phenomenon of comfort and apathy or corporate greed and the marginalized and commodified idea of rebellion which reaffirms a desire to introduce a reality that challenges the viewer to question the falsity and fabricated nature of constituents and convention often prevalent in our environment.

Zhang Huan Buddha Finger (#10), 2006 Courtesy of Galerie Volker Diehl

William Kentridge Music Box Tondo Bird Catcher Courtesy of Marian Goodman Gallery

David Packer Flower Power Courtesy of Lyons Wier Ortt

VIP PREVIEW BRUNCH Thursday, December 7, 10am-1pm


PULSE Miami 2006

INSTALLATIONS: Tom Ellis, Ellen Harvey, David Hevel, William Kentridge, David Packer, Björn Schülke, Jade Townsend, Zhang Huan ...