press release

Rackstraw Downes has been making extraordinary paintings of very ordinary landscapes for more than four decades. His approach to realism is unique in that he rejects the camera as a tool, relying entirely on his own eyes, and the sketches and paintings he produces onsite. Ignoring the picturesque, Downes chooses to depict landscapes at the intersection between the natural environment and the man-made world. His exhibition at The Aldrich will be centered on one work, entitled Under the Westside Highway at 145th Street: The North River Water Pollution Control Plant. The project will not only feature the final painting, but also include all of the preliminary pencil drawings, subsequent oil sketches, and many months of detailed journal entries that he completed in order to meticulously capture the scene.

Rackstraw Downes
Under the Westside Highway
Kuratoren: Klaus Ottmann, Robert Lehman

03.06. - 30.07.2010 Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York
20.06. - 08.08.2010 Parrish Art Museum, Southampton / NY
27.06.2010 - 02.01.2011 Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield