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For "Piece by Piece", Galeria Dels Àngels presents the first individual shows by the artists, Miquel Garcia (Barcelona, 1975) and Rafaël Rozendaal (Netherlands, 1980).

Rafaël Rozendaal

Exhibits his Flash animations, Big long and I am very very, along with a selection of drawings. For the exhibition, he has also painted a mural on the gallery walls, reproducing the landscape from his animation Vai Avanti. An adaptation of this same piece can be seen in CARMELITAS GALLERY, where it is shown as a multi-channel video installation.

Rozendaal considers the Internet to be a place between thoughts and objects, a space (not a medium) where he can create his web animations, which are usually interactive. His animations and his drawings have shown this year in the Hayward Gallery (London). In 2006 he showed at the Benaki Museum (Athens); Liquid Room (Tokyo), GMVZ, (Amsterdam) or the Galleria Pack (Milan), among others. In 2005 he exhibited his work at the Sketch Gallery (London), in the LOOP Festival and at Sonar (Barcelona) together with other artists that participate in the art movement NEEN. In 2004 he formed part of the project “Neentoday” in the MU Foundation (Netherlands).

Miquel Garcia

Presents his project Present by SUMO, a new line of products. The collection, objects-instruments constructed by the artist, question the precarity of society, characterized by extreme mobility. With the objects, he visibilizes the need for negotiation and agreement in order to move forward. In his presentation, Garcia uses everyday objects, video, graffiti, or photography. Recently, he has been chosen for the Turku Biennial 2007 (Finland) and he is currently an artist in residence in Hangar (Barcelona). Last year he received a fellowship from Can Xalant (Mataró) to create a workshop and exhibit in Medellín, Colombia. In 2006 his work was shown in the Bienal de Vic (Barcelona), in the Bienal Internacional ALBIAC (Almería) and in the Festival LOOP'06 (Barcelona). In addition, he has given seminars and hosted workshops in Colombia and Palestine.

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Rafael Rozendaal & Miquel Garcia