press release

We often experience moments that we are deeply touched by works of art with a sense that our mind is confronting with the fundamental question of “how we live”. From art deeply connected to inevitable elements in life, such as “life and death”, “love”, “sorrow”, “joy” and “humor”, the condensed feelings and thoughts of the artist come through to the spectator’s senses; the art and the spectator begin to “resonate” tightly with each other. This exhibition focuses on this “resonance” between the spectators and works of art, introducing about 120 pieces that might be seen in this context with evoking human emotions and energy of life in various forms such as paintings, sculptures, video projections and large scale installations created by 20 artists, both established and promisingly talented, from Japan and abroad.

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Künstler: Marlene Dumas, Anselm Kiefer, Mark Rothko, Ryan Gander, Wolfgang Laib, Andreas Slominski, Janet Cardiff, Raqib Shaw, Varda Caivano, Paul McCarthy, Nobuya Hoki, Leiko Ikemura, Aya Ito, Nobuaki Itoh, Teppei Kaneuji, Yayoi Kusama, Motohiko Odani, Tetsuya Umeda, Yoshinari Nishio, Meiro Koizumi