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RETHINK Relations The exhibition Rethink is a collaboration between the National Gallery of Denmark, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and The Alexandra Institute.

The National Gallery of Denmark, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art are each showing exhibitions that together form Rethink.

Climate change in the arts The National Gallery of Denmark is focusing in its exhibition on the increased awareness that appears to have emerged as a result of the global climate debate.

The new understanding of climate change and its predicted global increase have clearly shown how human behaviour in one geographical region can affect life in another, how individuals can impact upon other human beings’ living conditions, how certain populations’ lifestyle affects the environment, and how changes in the natural world conversely can induce migration and societal changes.

The exhibition features works by visual artists who in differing ways are interested in these new, complex chains of cause and effect.

New ways of conceiving the world Global warming requires new ways of conceiving the world that often transcend current national, geographical and social divisions and break down the boundary between categories such as nature vs. culture, individual vs. society, national vs. international and local vs. foreign.

These works instead point out the new potential for sharing skills, experience, social interaction and forms of organisation offered by a new kind of universalism contingent upon diversity, change and mutuality.

Artists featured in the exhibition The exhibition includes works by Tomás Saraceno (ARG), Olafur Eliasson (DK) and Henrik Håkansson (SE). More names will be announced.

RETHINK Relations

Künstler: Tomas Saraceno, Olafur Eliasson, Henrik Håkansson ...