press release

Romantic Detachment brings together over forty artists to explode haggis, drink tea, hero-worship and explore the collisions between traditional Romanticism and kitsch Romanticism - from Rimbaud to Rambo. Inspired by time in New York and the Lake District, the work takes the form of film, road movies, dinner parties and blood pudding using real artists’ blood.

Curated by Grizedale Arts in the Lake District, Romantic Detachment looks at how European Romanticism relates to a wider world and in particular a grass roots idea of romanticism. The romanticism of America, its history in the wild west and its continued manifestation in music culture, underclass culture and folk traditions. The impact of this alternative romantic position has had an impact on contemporary art culture and provides many opportunities to develop and extend the possibilities with contemporary practice. It is a dialogue between these two positions that this project aims to explore. Costumes, records, letters, and dinner parties combine in this collection of ephemera asking ‘is romance dead?’


only in german


mit juneau/projects/, Graeme Roger, Kevin Reid, Simon & Tom Bloor, Olivia Plender, Nathanial Mellors, Adam Chodzko, Jeremy Deller, John Russell, Mark Beesley, Bedwyr Williams, S. Mark Gubb, Matt Bakkom, Beagles & Ramsay, Jesse Bercowetz & Matt Bua, David Blandy, Olaf Breuning, Adam Chodzko, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Anita Di Bianco, Jeremy Deller & Alan Kane, Brian Dewan, Ryan Gander, Jonathan Griffin, Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope, Henry VIII Wives, Nina Katchadourian, Nathaniel Mellors, Abby Loveland, Amy Marletta, David Osbaldeston, Damon Packard, Sarah Pierce, Garrett Phelan, Olivia Plender, William Pope L, Kevin Reid, Cindy Smith, Kerry Stewart, Barry Sykes & Sean Parfitt, Emily Wadill, Eric Wright, Cathy Ward