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“Sensitiv EXTRA” will present 8 international artists - Patrick Baumüller/A, Sabine Groschup/A, Hans Kotter/D, Michael Nitsche/D, Christiane Spatt/A, Viktors Svikis/LV, Alexander Viscio/USA, Marko Zink/A - , who live and/or work in Austria, will exhibit their works at the MSU Zagreb for the first time.

Excerpt from the text by Lucas Gehrmann:

“Above our heads small, blue feather boas are swaying in the wind; every hour on the hour, one of twelve songbirds chirps its song in its very own way, fairytale creatures fabricated from fake fur or cuddly toys are reaching out from the walls; a colourful and differentiated dialogue is taking place between enlightened glass boxes and parts of the room; there is a sculpture resembling a character from the Arabic alphabet emitting breathing noises; the mask of an owl is peeking through silver-blue twigs,… …those are only a few of the elements addressing the visitors' senses; elements that are more "sensitive" than pushy, highlighting the exhibition's eight contemporary artistic positions as well as its title sensitive EXTRA. The term "sensitive" comprises many aspects – reaching from subtlety, sentimentality, emotionality or profoundness to passionate sensuality. By adding the postposition "extra", the term's meaning is not only enhanced but also taken to another level, thereby transcending our definition of high-brow art: "sensitive EXTRA" closely resembles "extra sensitive" and reminds us more of a particular label of condom than of particular artistic concepts of expression or perception. Besides the exhibition's focus on sensitivity, there is – as we will see – also the added sense of humour. This does not, however, affect Michaela Stock's (acting as both the gallery owner and the curator) idea of forming an opposition to the typical, attention-seeking artistic productions, resulting from a time mainly characterized by competition and pressure: The items featured in this exhibition stand for a form of art that does not limit itself to the surface – there is more to detect than you may think at first glimpse…

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Sensitiv EXTRA
Kurator: Lucas Gehrmann

Künstler: Patrick Baumüller, Sabine Groschup, Hans Kotter, Michael Nitsche, Christiane Spatt, Viktors Svikis, Alexander Viscio, Marko Zink