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Zaha Hadid's structure radically reinvented the accepted idea of a tent or a marquee. It took the form of a triangulated roof structure spanning an impressive internal space of 600m2 by using a steel primary structure. A folding form of angular flat planes extended to the ground at points gave it an illusion of solidity while at the same time creating a variety of internal spaces. These undulations were emphasised by the positioning of lighting between two roof fabrics which incurred gradual changes over time, creating a sense of perpetual movement. This was reinforced throughout the interior with specially designed tables which were graduated in colour from white to black.

Zaha Hadid's architectural projects have won her much public and academic acclaim. Zaha Hadid has been a trustee of the Serpentine Gallery since 1996. Pressetext

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2000: Zaha Hadid