press release

venue: The Boiler / Pierogi, Brooklyn

We are pleased to announce SEVEN, a collaborative exhibition at The Boiler including seven galleries, each presenting work by one artist. The exhibition will run from May 8–17, 2015 with an opening reception May 8th, 6–9pm.

“Anonymity, no longer an option” is the title of the 2015 edition of SEVEN. With the prevailing ubiquity of surveillance, the notion of anonymity is becoming a distant dream. With the use of technology, people everywhere, including our own government, are able to obtain details on anyone anywhere. All are vulnerable to this intrusion: sometimes willingly divulging personal information, as with Facebook and other social media platforms, smart phones, and other location devices; and at other times unwittingly as with the NSA, where we unknowingly give up personal information and privacy, in premise for our personal and national security. Edward Snowden’s actions in divulging information about these programs revealed that we are more vulnerable than we had previously thought. In this exhibition, the notion of surveillance is examined in various ways by seven artists.

Launched in 2010 by seven galleries from New York and London, SEVEN is a unique initiative committed to presenting artworks on their own terms and providing an intimate, personal way to engage the viewer. An emphasis on cooperation rather than competition is a founding principle of SEVEN that puts the art viewing experience ahead of other considerations. Since its inception, SEVEN has evolved by inviting new galleries and guests in both independent and institutional locations. Participating galleries in this edition of SEVEN are bitforms gallery, Metro Pictures, Momenta Art, PIEROGI, Postmasters, P•P•O•W, and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.

Entry to SEVEN is free. The opening reception is Friday, May 8th from 6 – 9 pm.

KATARZYNA KOZYRA (Postmasters) • MARK LOMBARDI (PIEROGI) • TREVOR PAGLEN (Metro Pictures) • SUZANNE TREISTER (P•P•O•W) • MARK TRIBE (Momenta Art) • SAM VAN AKEN (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts) • ADDIE WAGENKNECHT (bitforms gallery)
With special guest project: The Prison Ship Martyr's Monument 2.0, AKA The Snowden Statue, by Anonymous