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Shugoarts is pleased to announce the show of Shigeo Toya, “minimalbaroque”. Toya was born in Nagano in 1947 lives and works in Saitama, Japan.

Toya uses chainsaw as a tool to cut up the chunk of tree. The folds give us pain like tactile sensation beyond sense of sight. Since the strong consciousness of having the conclusion for minimalism in 1960s, Toya has kept on approaching to sculpture and has boldly dared making the works. He crystallizes into his own expression with adding the new conception on the traditional thought of sculpture. The sculptures made with his pursuit emerge us the bipolarized whereabouts of source such as life and death, east and west, positive and negative, individual and community/nation. “minimalbaroque” is a coinage by Toya, as they are bipolarized each other however he tried to unite minimal and baroque, and developed to capture them at once. Toya is not just an onlooker of events but is keen on living with holding the contradiction.

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Shigeo Toya